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Our focus is on helpful service and our commitment is to going higher, deeper and further to ensure our clients’ brand protection and to exceed the compliance requirements of governmental agencies, certification bodies and third party auditors. We provide exceptionally broad pest management services to agricultural, commercial, industrial, governmental and institutional clients. Our commitment is to continuously apply environmentally sensitive techniques consistent with advanced integrated pest, crop and wildlife management protocols. Our expertise in pest sensitive accounts including pharmaceutical manufacturers, food processors, museums, healthcare institutions as well as with protected water bodies and forests provides us with the specific skills and knowledge to provide precision pest management operations in controlled situations. Our complete licensing in all extermination categories allows us to address multiple pest issues simultaneously regardless of the pest’s location or survival reaction.  We additionally address appropriate safety, environmental, legal, practical, aesthetic, financial, and ethical concerns on behalf of our clients to ensure the protection of protected habitats and populations. Complete licensing allows our clients the peace of mind that we can steward pest treatments from start to finish regardless of complications.  We are a team of curious, scientific, engaged and responsive professionals devoted to continuous learning to ensure our clients have pest free facilities.

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Our Services

Our Services Include:

Fully licenced exterminators and fumigators in all licence categories allows us to legally provide the following services to health care facilities, warehouses, farms. hotels, theatres, museums, retail stores, food processing and pharmaceutical facilities, governmental buildings, supermarkets, forests, water bodies, atriums, multiple unit residential units, stadiums, malls, and other publicly accessible high traffic locations.

Nuisance Wildlife Trappers

Aerial License

Mosquito/Biting Fly License

Aquatic Vegetation License

Greenhouse/Interior Plant License

Fumigation – General License

Landscape Licence

Agriculture License

Forestry License

Industrial Vegetation License

Termite License

Structural License