Nuisance Wildlife Control

Nuisance Wildlife permanent exclusion, permanent removal. Guaranteed humane but effective trapping and removal of wildlife by an Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources licensed trapper.

Warrantied Extermination will provide effective wildlife control for:

Our services include a free comprehensive site inspection and no obligation quote that allows us to provide options to you about the most effective strategies for resolving the wildlife conflict. Chemical insecticide treatment of nesting areas to ensure elimination of ectoparasites associated with the nest such as bat bugs, ticks and maggots before they migrate within the structure.

We provide Infrared Thermography to make sure all animals are out of the structure prior to permanent exclusion. This ensures all nesting animals are discovered and humanely removed and re-located with their parents if possible. Dead animal carcasses are also located and removed. Dropping removal and premises sterilization to address contamination issues such as raccoon roundworm. As well we provide comprehensive customized exclusion to prevent re-entry of nuisance wildlife.

 We can arrange all necessary governmental permits and manage any nuisance wildlife conflict issue with all permitted resolution options available including lethal actions as a last resort. We contractually guarantee all of our solutions to be fully compliant with all relevant governmental legislation and will solve all your wildlife control issues.

 For more information on wildlife control, or for a no-obligation wildlife removal estimate, please call us at 1-800-743-4623, or use our contact form.