Guaranteed Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs are small, oval, flat, wingless and translucent to reddish brown insects that are typically located in, on, or near sleeping areas such as beds, couches and futons. They are typically described as "apple seed in size" but they develop through distinct stages called instars that are initially very small. The first instar is approximately the size of the head of a pin and each instar requires a blood feeding to moult to the next larger instar stage.

The insect is not a reproductively capable adult until after the fifth instar. The eggs laid by bed bugs are approximately the size of a grain of salt and are glued to a surface with a protective substance by the female insects. This cementing substance effectively protects the eggs from most insecticides available for bed bug treatment. This means that treatment must consist of excellent inspection and mechanical activities to locate and destroy all eggs as chemical treatment alone is not effective.

Warrantied Extermination services the Greater Toronto/Hamilton area and employs multiple tools to completely eradicate bed bugs during our comprehensive treatments that exceed industry bed bug best management practices. These tools include canine bed bug insect and egg location combined with thermal remediation (whole room heating), steam and chemical treatments. Our service includes intensive non-chemical treatment of furniture including mattresses and box springs to save these items.

Thermal Remediation (whole room heating) gradually increase the interior of a space up to a lethal temperature of 49-57°C (120-135°F). Bed bugs of all life stages are physically unable to survive when exposed to extreme heat for an extended period of time. Once lethal temperatures are reached, custom designed high temperature fans then evenly circulate the heated air throughout the area being treated ensuring challenging spots, such as cracks and crevices, are reached.

Strategically placed temperature sensors are remotely monitored to ensure all areas are achieving the required insect temperature “kill zone”. Technicians are able to remotely monitor temperature sensors away from the treatment area.

The bed bugs feed exclusively on blood and tend to hide in cracks or crevices especially in bed skirts, box springs and wood frames near the blood meal. The insect is not particularly durable and are quite easily killed but the challenge is to kill all the bed bugs. It is important to kill all the insects as female bed bugs that have been fertilized once continue laying viable eggs for their remaining life. The average fertilized female bed bug lays between 200 to 500 eggs so if any fertilized female bed bugs survive treatment bed bug infestation can flourish again. This means that a successful treatment is a partnership between us and the client to ensure all bed bug life stages including eggs are killed. The certified canine detection team is critical to ensuring the complete eradication of all bed bugs and eggs after the treatment.

Our experience is that there is a direct correlation between treatment preparation and the treatment success and we recommend that you download the free canine detection and bed bug treatment preparation guidelines to understand the best preparation strategies. Our technicians typically treat within a structure for 3-5 hours using a sequence of techniques to instantly kill the bed bugs and to ensure the environment remains inhospitable to the insects after the treatment is completed.

Preparation Guidelines
Bed Bug Detection Dog Inspection Preparation Requirements
Chemical, Vacuum & Steam Preparation Requirements
Thermal Remediation Preparation Requirements

Bed Bug Dog Toronto

Typically 85% of bed bugs are near the bed or couches where people sleep or rest for long periods however 15% of insects may be hiding some distance from the blood meal. That is why eco-friendly canine bed bug detection is critical.

Carly, our certified bed bug detection dog, is trained to locate lone insects and individual eggs that may be hiding throughout a room in telephone jacks, under baseboards or in any hiding spot like a lamp shade. The bed bug or bed bug egg has a small scent cone so Carly works very hard to detect the eggs and live insects and usually only completes a small number of inspections each day as it is rigorous work for her.

Carly's record to date has been spectacular and we have had a 100% success rate with her in hotel rooms treated by us. That means never a call back for retreatment after the canine detection team has confirmed a room to be bed bug free! Carly is calibrated daily and continuously trained in a variety of environments to ensure that she maintains her great work drive despite distractions.

For more information on dealing with your bed bug infestation, or for a no-obligation extermination estimate, please call us at 1-800-743-4623.